Cast for ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

After the auditions on Monday here is the cast list for ‘Murder in Play’, which will be directed by Sylvia Seaman. Performance dates are Wed 9th to Sat 12th October.

  • Renee Savage – Stella Greaves
  • Tim Fermor – Dave Easton
  • Ginette Vincent – Anna McGrail
  • Christa d’Amato – Ange Davis
  • Sophie Lawton – Elizabeth Donohue
  • Harrison Bracewell – Alan Rutland
  • Boris Smolensky – Chris Pollock
  • Pat Smith  – Katy Tiley

Autumn Production – ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

Our Autumn production will be the comedy/murder mystery ‘Murder in Play‘ by Simon Brett. This will be directed by Sylvia Seaman and requires a cast of 3 men and 5 ladies.

We will have another reading of this fun play on Friday 21st June at 7.30pm at Tesco community room with auditions to follow soon.

Boris Smolensky – Writer and Director of the play. Speaks with a Russian accent. Married to Reneé but seeing Ginnette on the side
Reneé Savage – Boris’ wife and lead actress who always gets the plum roles and puts up with her philandering husband.
Tim Fermor – Youngish actor who previously was with Ginette until Boris stole her away and is still in love with her.
Ginnette Vincent – Young and naive actress
Christa d’Amato – A former soap opera actress who has been on a downward slide since her soap was cancelled but still clings to her glory days on TV
Sophie Lawton – Intelligent but dowdy actress
Harrison Bracewell – Veteran actor who has a drink problem and trouble remembering his lines. Always boring people with his ‘name-dropping’ anecdotes.
Pat Smith – The stage manager / handy-woman who is always busy with a hundred and one jobs for the company (a hundred and two when she gets roped in to act !)

Reading of ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

After a reading of this play on Friday 31st May and ‘Party to Murder’ on Monday 3rd June it was decided to have a further reading of ‘Murder in Play’ on Friday 7th June as some missed the first reading and it has proved to be the more popular. The reading will be at The Tesco Community room at Tesco Extra in Trowbridge.

Boris Smolensky’s budget repertory production of “Murder at Priorswell Manor” is looking decidedly shaky. The cast are more interested in their egos than the play and life imitates art when Boris’s wife, Renee, is murdered on stage. Simon Brett’s hilarious text ruthlessly satirises the politics of the inept company and the numerous red herrings keep the audience guessing until the final moments of the play.

The Ladykillers takes to the stage from Wednesday May 8th to Saturday May 11th.

Tickets are now on sale here :-

Sequence of Events cast

Well done to the cast and crew of ‘Sequence of Events’ who performed in the Codford One-Act Festival on Friday 15th March. Special congratulations go to Andrew Morrison who won the best over-all actor with his role as the hangman. Tony Giddings did a superb job of putting it all together.

The Ladykillers cast list

The Ladykillers has now been cast. Tony will be directing with the cast as such :-

Constable MacDonald – David Bailey
Mrs Wilberforce
Angela Giddings
Professor Marcus
Alan Rutland
Major Courtney
Tim Knott
Louis Harvey
David Easton
Mike Holden
Harry Robinson
Andrew Morrison
Mrs. Tromleyton – Sandie Brookes


Spring Production – The Ladykillers

Tony Giddings will direct our Spring Production – The Ladykillers. A gang of desperate criminals arrive at a the house of a little old lady under the guise of classical musicians and proceed to pull off a daring robbery. But when their landlady finds out the truth about their criminal act there is only one thing they can do ! But silencing a little old lady proves harder than they think !

Production Dates will be Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th May

Constable MacDonald – genial copper, who deals with Mrs Wilberforce’s fanciful concerns.
Mrs Wilberforce – a model of genteel propriety.
Professor Marcus – self-professed criminal mastermind, desperately keeping disaster at bay, beguiling the old lady and finding ever more outrageous solutions to the complications she innocently presents.
Major Courtney – a con man who is all politeness, but has a secret penchant for ladies clothes.
Louis Harvey – is a brooding, exotic Romanian with a liking for blades of the knife variety.
One-Round – is a heavy ex-boxer, not given to quick thinking.
Harry Robinson – is riddled with nerves, and is given to obsessive polishing of the furniture.

Auditions will be on Friday 1st February and Monday 4th
February at Tesco Community Room

One Act Festival at Codford

We have entered the bi-annual one-act play Festival which will take place at The Woolstore Theatre at Codford on Friday 15th March.

Tony Giddings is directing an chilling Edwardian drama called ‘Sequence of Events’ with the following cast :-

  • Hangman – Andrew Morrison
  • Lily-Ann Turbett – Anna McGrail
  • Claude Vole – Cameron Runyeard-Hunt
  • Herbert Vole – Alan Rutland
  • Margaret Vole – Ange Davis

Panto a great success !

Well what a great two weeks that was ! We had a total of 1179 people came to see Robin Hood – that’s an average audience of 118 per performance !

We also had a good review from Noda – well done to everyone involved