Play reading change

Fri 06/12Play reading – Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams
Tesco Community Room, 7.30pm

Crotchety old Mrs. Bransom hires a charming young man named Danny as a live-in companion. Less charmed by Danny is Mrs. Bransom’s niece, Olivia, a repressed young woman who suspects Danny of foul play. When news of a local murder is revealed, Olivia suspects Danny. Although repulsed by the thought he may have committed the crime, Olivia also finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to him at the same time.

Play readings

There have been some readings happening at the Tesco room over the last few Fridays. We are looking for possible plays to perform in the future.

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks :-

Fri 22/11Play reading – Rebus: Long Shadows – Ian Rankin
Fri 29/11Get together for coffee, biscuits and a chat.
Discuss plays read and any other suggested scripts
Fri 06/12Play reading – Anne Boleyn – Howard Brenton
Fri 13/12Play reading – Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie
Fri 20/12Get together for coffee, pre-Christmas nibbles and a chat

‘Murder in Play’ takes to the stage from Wednesday 9th October to Saturday October 12th.

Tickets are now on sale here :-

Aladdin Cast

Here is the cast list for our 2020 Pantomime, Aladdin :-

Widow Twankey – Pete Grant
Aladdin – Chloé Johnson
Wishee Washee – David Bailey
Abanazer – David Easton
Dim One – Mike Holden
Dim Two – Tim Knott
Princess Jasmine – Olivia Clark
Genie of the Lamp – Alan Rutland
Genie of the Ring – Jo Zeigert
The Emperor – Pete Tapp
Chamberlain – Alice Gosney
Wey Wey – Elizabeth Donohoe

Aladdin Auditions

Auditions for our 2020 Pantomime, ‘Aladdin’, will take place at Trowbridge Town Hall on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th September from 7pm to 9pm, with children’s auditions on Thursday 12th September from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Rosebowl Nomination

Congratulations to Tony Giddings who has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the annual Rosebowl awards for his role of Mr.Partridge in last autumn’s production of ‘Hi-de-Hi!’. The awards ceremony will be on Sunday 20th October at the Winter Gardens in Weston-Super-Mare.

Tony as Mr.Partridge with Pete Tapp as Fred Quilley

Cast for ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

After the auditions on Monday here is the cast list for ‘Murder in Play’, which will be directed by Sylvia Seaman. Performance dates are Wed 9th to Sat 12th October.

  • Renee Savage – Stella Greaves
  • Tim Fermor – Dave Easton
  • Ginette Vincent – Anna McGrail
  • Christa d’Amato – Ange Davis
  • Sophie Lawton – Elizabeth Donohue
  • Harrison Bracewell – Alan Rutland
  • Boris Smolensky – Chris Pollock
  • Pat Smith  – Katy Tiley

Autumn Production – ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

Our Autumn production will be the comedy/murder mystery ‘Murder in Play‘ by Simon Brett. This will be directed by Sylvia Seaman and requires a cast of 3 men and 5 ladies.

We will have another reading of this fun play on Friday 21st June at 7.30pm at Tesco community room with auditions to follow soon.

Boris Smolensky – Writer and Director of the play. Speaks with a Russian accent. Married to Reneé but seeing Ginnette on the side
Reneé Savage – Boris’ wife and lead actress who always gets the plum roles and puts up with her philandering husband.
Tim Fermor – Youngish actor who previously was with Ginette until Boris stole her away and is still in love with her.
Ginnette Vincent – Young and naive actress
Christa d’Amato – A former soap opera actress who has been on a downward slide since her soap was cancelled but still clings to her glory days on TV
Sophie Lawton – Intelligent but dowdy actress
Harrison Bracewell – Veteran actor who has a drink problem and trouble remembering his lines. Always boring people with his ‘name-dropping’ anecdotes.
Pat Smith – The stage manager / handy-woman who is always busy with a hundred and one jobs for the company (a hundred and two when she gets roped in to act !)