Hi-de-Hi! Cast

Thanks to everybody for turning up for the auditions.

We have cast “Hi-de-Hi” as follows:

Jeffrey                Tim Knott
Gladys                 Becky Holden
Pritchard            Mike Holden
Hilary Bovis       Stella Greaves
Barry                    Alan Rutland
Yvonne                Liz Holliss
Bailiff                   Pete Grant
Ted Bovis           Paul Granger
Spike                   Cameron Runyeard-Hunt
Peggy                 Katy Tiley
Sylvia                  Chloe Johnson
Mr Partridge   Tony Giddings
Fred Quilley     Peter Tapp

We’d also like somebody to take charge of hair and makeup. Do you know anybody who could do that for us?

Many thanks also to
Des and Dawn Witham for volunteering to do props
Sue for coordinating Front of House
David Bailey, Nicky, Barry, etc. for doing stage and set things
And I’m sure there are other things we’d love help with, so please do encourage others to come forward…
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