Read-through for next play “The Accrington Pals”

We have decided to produce “The Accrington Pals” as our Spring production, running from 25th to 28th April 2018.

The read through will be at Tesco Community Space, Trowbridge, on Monday 15th January 2018 at 7.30pm. (The community space is found down the left side of the outside of the store.)

The play is about the experiences of a group of young people in Lancashire when the men answer the call to volunteer and join up to fight in the First World War (which ended 100 years ago next year).

The cast is as follows (the ages listed are playing ages rather than actual ages and some flexibility will be possible):

  • MAY, (a stallholder)  late twenties to mid thirties.
  • TOM, (an apprentice) eighteen to twenty
  • RALPH, (a clerk)  eighteen to twenty
  • EVA, (a mill girl) about the same age as RALPH
  • SARAH, (a married mill worker) mid twenties
  • BERTHA, (a mill girl)  eighteen to twenty
  • ANNIE , (a housewife) late thirties
  • ARTHUR, (her husband)  of similar age
  • REGGIE, (her son,) about thirteen or fourteen
  • C.S.M. RIVERS (a regular soldier) thirties/forties

The ‘Accrington Pals’ battalion actually existed and is well known, so it is essential that cast members attempt a north country accent (excepting C.S.M Rivers who can have any home-grown accent).

Please do come along if you are interested in getting involved, and pass this information on to anybody you know who might be interested and not have seen it.

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