Autumn Production

We will be presenting an evening of Two One-Act Plays

Thursday Oct 13th/ Friday Oct 14th at Steeple Ashton
Saturday Oct 15th/ Sunday 16th Oct at Trowbridge Town Hall

A Little Box of Oblivion by Stephen Bean

A woman puts a box down next to a stranger in a park, giving strict instructions before she rushes off, not to move, knock, tilt or open it. A series of motley characters then begin to arrive each with a theory about the contents of the box! Is it a bomb, a packet of deadly anthrax or perhaps a severed head?

Director – Angela Giddings

Cool – Tim Knott
Neuro – Chloe Johnson
Doom – Robin Bailes
Dick – Kye Vallance
Woman – Lissy Snook

Lockdown in Little Grimley by David Tristram

The latest in series of short plays about the hapless Little Grimley amateur dramatics group and its four surviving members. In a time of lockdown, the Chairman Gordon calls an emergency meeting, complete with social distancing, to discuss his idea for their next production when restrictions ease – a touching love story set in a hospital, with all profits destined for the NHS. But based on their previous efforts, will the NHS actually end up worse off?

Director – Tony Giddings

Gordon – Chris Pollock
Margaret – Angela Giddings
Joyce – Alice Gosney
Bernard – David Bailey

Rehearsals will be at The Park Club on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm

Rehearsal photos

Hilary talks about Wendy’s drinking problem
Wendy knits whilst Mel sneaks a sip of coffee
Hilary questions Mike
Mel tries to control the meeting

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Spring 2022 Production

We have just started rehearsals for ‘Community Spirit’ by David Muncaster, which will take to the stage at Steeple Ashton Village Hall on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May and at Trowbridge Town Hall on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th May. Rehearsals are at The Park Club, in Trowbridge Park on Mondays and Fridays at 7.30pm.

The play is a comedy about the different groups who use the Snickerton Village Hall and the tensions that abound. The spirit in the title has three meanings. It refers to ‘get up and go’ but also there is a misunderstanding involving alcohol and the old village hall may also be haunted!

The cast is as follows :-

Mel – Self conscious Local Government Officer – Chloé Johnson
Mike – Pompous Chair of Choral Group – David Bailey
Chris – Not Mike’s best friend, Historical Society – Tim Hobbs
Sam – C of E Vicar – Lissy Snook
Pat – RC Priest – Mike Holden
Hilary – Amdram Luvvess – Sue Morgan
Jim – Amdram Luvvee – Alan Rutland
Wendy – Mumsey Scout Leader – Becky Holden
Brian – Quietly devious, Talking Newspaper – Tim Knott
Charlie – Slightly seedy Photographer – Kye Vallance
Caretaker – Put upon, grumpy – Pete Grant
Lady Mayoress – Dawn Holden

Tim is directing, Barry is Stage Manager and Dawn is looking after props

Another reading of ‘Community Spirit’

Here is further news about the play we are planning for May 2022.

We will be reading the play again in the ‘Park View’ room ( the big one upstairs, known to some as the ‘Supper Room’) at Trowbridge Town Hall on Tuesday 15 February at 7.30pm, prior to the auditions on Monday 21 February, in the Selwood Room, Trowbridge Town Hall at 7.30pm.

If you’d like a part but are not able to attend this audition date, please attend this read through if you can, and let us know

We’d also like to hear from anybody interested in directing the production.

Provisional dates for performances

We have provisionally booked Steeple Ashton Village Hall for Friday 13 and Saturday 14 May 2022 for 2 performances (Thursday 12 May would be for Move-in and Tech/Dress rehearsal), so we have something to aim for.

Thanks and best wishes,
Trowbridge Players Committee

Spare Posters / Programmes etc

I have been having a clear out and I have a load of posters/postcards and programmes from the last few years of productions that are surplus to requirements. If you need any for your scrapbooks etc then let me know before they all get recycled !

Here is the list :-

Murder in Play
The Ladykillers
Robin Hood
The Accrington Pals
Snow White
Suddenly at Home
Cash on Delivery
Mother Goose
Honeymoon Suite
Plays and Puddings
A Little Murder Never Hurt Anyone
Jack and the Beanstalk
When We Are Married
There Goes the Bride
Dick Whittington

Sleeping Beauty Cast List

Dear All,

Thank you all so much for attending the auditions over the last 2 weeks and for making my decision difficult. I could have cast the show in many different ways and I do apologise to anyone I was not able to give a part to however, I would love to still have you involved in the panto.

Cast list

Princess Beauty – Olivia Clarke

King Fredrick – Pete Tapp

Queen Olivia – Alice Gosney

Wilbert – David Easton

Nanny – Pete Grant

Lord Chamberlian – Mike Holden

Fairy Sapphire – Anna Mcgrail

Mouldina – Angela Giddngs

Prince Fredinand – Charlie Parker

Groom – Darcey Oswin/ Harry Parker


Abbie Turner
Jess Blagden
Charlie Parker (Act 1)

Team 1

Harry (Act 1)

Team 2

Darcey (Act 1)

A few things:

– I will be planning to get scripts out as soon as possible. They will cost £5.

– I am hoping to start rehearsals at the end of September/beginning October however am still trying to source a venue. Please can I ask for you all to send me any Monday’s and/or Friday’s you are unavailable so I can create a rehearsal schedule.

– Just a reminder that there is a possibility we might not be able to perform in January, however we will be following government guidelines.

Thank you again for all auditioning.



Cast list for “Scenes from Shakespeare” rehearsed readings

If you see your name twice in the same play don’t worry, Sylvia hasn’t made a mistake!

All the World’s a Stage

Tony Giddings

Romeo and Juliet

Lord Capulet
Chris Pollock
David Bailey
Alice Gosney

Much Ado About Nothing

Peter Emuss
Anna McGrail

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tim Knott
Chris Pollock
Tony Giddings
Angela Giddings
Pete Grant
Stella Greaves
Clive Greaves
Becky Holden
Alice Gosney
Clive Greaves
Pete Tapp
Anna McGrail

Panto chorus song and dance sessions

Chloé Johnson, who is going to be directing the next pantomime, is going to be holding some song and dance sessions for potential chorus members this month, over Zoom. These sessions are for people to learn the audition pieces, so if you’d like to be in the panto chorus, you should try to make some of these sessions.

The sessions are:

  • Monday 13 July and Thursday 15 July — panto chorus audition dance
  • Monday 20 July and Thursday 23 July — panto chorus audition song
  • Monday 27 July — recap of both.

You don’t have to attend both Monday and Thursday.

What to do

If you are interested in being in the panto chorus, please let Chloé know by email ( She can then give you the necessary information to join the sessions and keep in touch via Facebook.

Sleeping Beauty read through

We have decided to have a read-through of our next pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” on Friday 17 July at 7pm. You can get the script here. You will need to bring a script along to read. If you have difficulty producing something you can read, please contact Angela (

Because of the pandemic, we plan to do this in Trowbridge Park, hoping the weather will be kind. You may wish to bring a chair and something to keep you warm in the evening. Obviously, if the weather is bad, we will re-think.

Currently, we think we may meet near the entrance to the bowls club — again, if plans change, we will keep you informed.

Keep safe!

The Trowbridge Players

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