Autumn Production – ‘Murder in Play’ by Simon Brett

Our Autumn production will be the comedy/murder mystery ‘Murder in Play‘ by Simon Brett. This will be directed by Sylvia Seaman and requires a cast of 3 men and 5 ladies.

We will have another reading of this fun play on Friday 21st June at 7.30pm at Tesco community room with auditions to follow soon.

Boris Smolensky – Writer and Director of the play. Speaks with a Russian accent. Married to ReneĆ© but seeing Ginnette on the side
ReneĆ© Savage – Boris’ wife and lead actress who always gets the plum roles and puts up with her philandering husband.
Tim Fermor – Youngish actor who previously was with Ginette until Boris stole her away and is still in love with her.
Ginnette Vincent – Young and naive actress
Christa d’Amato – A former soap opera actress who has been on a downward slide since her soap was cancelled but still clings to her glory days on TV
Sophie Lawton – Intelligent but dowdy actress
Harrison Bracewell – Veteran actor who has a drink problem and trouble remembering his lines. Always boring people with his ‘name-dropping’ anecdotes.
Pat Smith – The stage manager / handy-woman who is always busy with a hundred and one jobs for the company (a hundred and two when she gets roped in to act !)

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