Night Must Fall – postponed

It is with regret that Director Sandie Brooks and the committee have decided to postpone the production until the Autumn. With the current situation with Covid-19 and the fact that theatres are closing and we had also lost our rehearsal space for the time being the delay was the only sensible action. Hopefully all of the cast will be able to pick up where they left off in the Summer. The new production dates are Wednesday October 7th to Saturday October 10th.

A Fright at the Oscars

On Saturday 14th March several of the Players played out a murder mystery at a fund raising dinner for ‘Home for Kale’. It was good fun and was a great excuse for everyone to dress up in our best togs for the evening. Even Tony on sound and lights had his posh waistcoat on ! Special thanks must go to Peter Grant, who stepped in as the compere, Mike Rafone, with just over a week before the performance !

The Cast: Alice Gosney (Kate Windswept), Maxson Bailey (Tom Spanks), Elizabeth Donohoe ( Uma Thurman), Jo Ziegert (Goldie Pawn), Peter Grant (Mike Rafone), Tim Knott (Inspector Bobby Wood) and Angela Giddings (Meg Tryin)

A Fright at the Oscars

Several of us are performing in a Murder Mystery for a fund-raising dinner for ‘A Home for Kale’ . This is on Saturday 14th March at 7.30pm

Mike Rafone – David Easton
Tom Spanks – Maxson Bailey
Goldie Pawn – Jo Ziegert
Uma Thurman – Elizabeth Donohoe
Kate Windswept – Alice Gosney
Meg Tryin – Angela Giddings
Inspector Bobby Wood – Tim Knott

Click on the Oscar for details

Night Must Fall has been cast

Mrs Bramson – Angela Giddings
Olivia Grayne – Chloé Johnson
Mrs Terence – Sue Morgan
Dora Parkoe – Olivia Clark
Nurse Libby – Jo Ziegert
Hubert Laurie – Peter Tapp
Dan – Nicholas Shaw
Inspector Belsize – Alan Rutland
Judge – Francis Holmes

Performance Dates are Wed 29th / Thu 30th April, Fri 1st / Sat 2nd May 2020

Read through of ‘Night Must Fall’ by Emlyn Williams

We’re reading the thriller “Night Must Fall” by Emlyn Williams, which we might perform this year. Do come along and find out what it is like.

Monday Jan 20th, 7:30-9:45 – Tesco Community Room

Details of the play

Dan, a bell hop who arrives at the Bramson bungalow, has already murdered one woman and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another: the aged Mrs. Bramson herself. He skillfully ingratiates himself into her affections while attempting to seduce her suspicious niece Olivia to stop her from exposing his diabolical intentions. And though she professes loathing, Olivia is attracted and fascinated by Dan.



Mrs Bramson 55-70

Olivia Grayne 26-35, Mrs Bramson’s neice

Mrs Terence 40-60, cook

Dora Parkoe 18-25, maid

Nurse Libby 30-50, Mrs Bramson’s nurse

Hubert Laurie 28-37, friend of Olivia’s

Dan 25-35, bell boy

Inspector Belsize 45-55, policeman

Aladdin move-in this weekend

Saturday 11th January – 8.15am at The Scenery store at Devizes to load the van

Then at The Arc Theatre from 9am to 6pm

Sunday 12th January – Arc Theatre – Complete build of the set – 9am-6pm – all hands needed

Costume call: Principals 2-3pm and all Chorus 3-4pm

Trevor Porter from the Wiltshire Times will be coming after 2pm to take photos for the paper of Principals in costume

Monday 13th January – Tech Rehearsal – Everyone – arrive at the theatre 6:30pm

Tuesday 14th January – Principals, Chorus & Red Team – arrive at the theatre 6:30pm

Wednesday 15th January – Principals, Chorus & Blue Team – arrive at the theatre 6:30pm

Play reading change

Fri 06/12Play reading – Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams
Tesco Community Room, 7.30pm

Crotchety old Mrs. Bransom hires a charming young man named Danny as a live-in companion. Less charmed by Danny is Mrs. Bransom’s niece, Olivia, a repressed young woman who suspects Danny of foul play. When news of a local murder is revealed, Olivia suspects Danny. Although repulsed by the thought he may have committed the crime, Olivia also finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to him at the same time.

Play readings

There have been some readings happening at the Tesco room over the last few Fridays. We are looking for possible plays to perform in the future.

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks :-

Fri 22/11Play reading – Rebus: Long Shadows – Ian Rankin
Fri 29/11Get together for coffee, biscuits and a chat.
Discuss plays read and any other suggested scripts
Fri 06/12Play reading – Anne Boleyn – Howard Brenton
Fri 13/12Play reading – Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie
Fri 20/12Get together for coffee, pre-Christmas nibbles and a chat