There Goes The Bride

There Goes The Bride by Ray Cooney and John Chapman

Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th April 2015

Arc Theatre, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott

It is eleven o’clock in the morning at the Westerby’s home where last minute preparations are in progress. In a few hours Judy, their only daughter, will marry Australian millionaire’s son, Nicholas Babcock, before 400 invited guests. When Father of the bride,Timothy Westerby, who manages an advertising firm together with his partner Bill Shorter, arrives late from the florist,  he has got the brain wave for his next advertising campaign for Perkins Bras, using a model with a “twenties look”, a “Flapper Girl”. Enterprising as always, he has already procured a life-size cut-out of the girl in order to illustrate his idea to his business partner. However, after Timothy accidentally strikes his head on a door he awakens to find himself staring into the eyes of a ravishing young lady. To his astonishment she is dressed as a Flapper Girl and embodies entirely his concept for the advertising campaign. Soon it dawns on Timothy that he alone can see the girl who he calls Polly Perkins.

Unfortunately the new girlfriend has chosen the most unfavourable moment for her appearance and despite her invisibility she sets in motion a series of complications. As the Westerbys fail to leave for the Church, numerous, increasingly abstruse reasons have to be invented to prevent the choleric father of the groom from leaving. The bride is already in tears as Timothy hits his head a second time. Whoever thinks that Polly will now disappear into thin air is badly mistaken there is worse to come …

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Sandie Brooks


Ursula Westerby

Judy Westerby

Dr Gerald Drimond

Daphne Drimond

Timothy Westerby

Bill Shorter

Polly Perkins

Charles Babcock

Jo Ziegert

Becky Mould

Tony Giddings

Angela Giddings

David Bailey

Tim Knott

Chloe Johnson

Francis Holmes

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