The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Wednesday 25th to Thursday 26th July 1995

The Grounds of Roundstone School, Trowbridge

One of the best loved of Shakespeare’s comedies, The play involves the ritual humiliation of Sir John Falstaff who is flirting with two married women for financial gain. Falstaff sends identical love letters to Mrs Ford and Mrs Page and he ends up thrown in a dirty ditch and beaten while in disguise as the ‘fat woman of Brainford’ by Mr Ford. His final embarrassment at Herne’s oak is the worst, however. While all this goes on there is the matter of Page’s daughter to be dealt with. Her three suitors (Doctor Caius, Slender and young Fenton) try to win the approval of her parents but the true lover of Anne Page ends up the victor in hilarious circumstances.

Sylvia Seaman


Ford, Husband of Mistress Ford

Page, Husband of Mistress Page

Sir John Falstaff

Bardolph, a follower of Falstaff

Pistol, a follower of Falstaff

Nym, a follower of Falstaff

Robert Shallow, a country justice

Abraham Slender, a cousin of Shallow

Sir Hugh Evans, a welsh Parson

Caius, a French Physician

Fenton, a young gentleman

Rugby, servant to Doctor Caius

Host, of the Garter Inn

Mistress Ford, a resident of Windsor

Mistress Page, a resident of Windsor

Anne Page, Daughter of Page and Mistress Page

Mistress Quickly, Caius’s servant

Jane, servant

Ruth, servant

William Page, Page’s son

Peter Simple, a servant to Slender

Robin, a page to Falstaff

Fairie or Ouph

Laura Giddings

Jack Taylor

Phil Cooper

Mark Rhodes

Kevin Gale

Peter English

David Bailey

Esme Howard

Peter Mundy

Tom Ludlow

Stuart Greaves

Clive Greaves

Michael Montague-Smith

Alan Thomas

Peter Mundy

Scott Glass

Stella Greaves

Nadine Comba

Laura Giddings

Ruby Goldsmith


Helen Cosslett

James Shadwell

Phil Cooper

Neil Hussey

Charlotte Hussey

James Shadwell

Neil Hussey

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