The Beaux’ Stratagem

The Beaux’ Stratagem by George Farquhar

Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th April 1999

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Aimwell and Archer are two fashionable beaux, on the lookout for an heiress to marry so they can repair their fortunes. To help their scheme, Archer poses as Aimwell’s servant when they arrive in the city of Lichfield. Aimwell insinuates himself into friendship with the beautiful Dorinda, daughter of Lady Bountiful. Meanwhile, Archer strikes up an extremely worldly friendship with Kate, Dorinda’s sister-in-law. She’s unhappily married to Sullen, a parody of a country squire, mad for hunting and eating and (especially) drinking.

Obstacles to a happy ending include the fact that Kate’s husband despises her; that the innkeeper’s saucy daughter, Cherry, has fallen in love with Archer; that Lady Bountiful, who is extremely over-protective of Dorinda’s virtue, mistakenly believes herself to be a great healer of the sick, while a band of brigands plans to rob Lady Bountiful that very night.

The Cast

Directed by
Sylvia Seaman


Aimwell, a gentlemen of broken fortunes

Archer, a gentlemen of broken fortunes

Sullen, a country squire

Scrub, Servant to Squire Sullen

Bonniface, Landlord of the inn

Sir Charles Freeman

Count Bellair, A French Officer, prisoner at Lichfield

Foigard, An Irishman, posing as a chaplain to the French

Gibbet, A Highwayman

Hounslow, companion to Gibbet

Bagshot, companion to Gibbet

Lady Bountiful, a country gentlewoman, mother of Squire

Dorinda, Lady Bountiful’s daughter

Mrs Sullen, her daughter-in-law

Gypsey, Maid to the ladies

Cherry, Daughter of the Landlord of the inn

Country Woman


Scott Glass

David Seaman

Mark Rhodes

Andrew Greaves

Jerry Pink

David Bailey

James Shadwell

Clive Greaves

Lee Ingram

Peter Mundy

Phil Cooper

Mary Saunders

Rebecca Mayo

Kate Russell

Emma Holmes

Jo Rhodes

Helen Cosslett

Rosie Jewel

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