Sleeping Beauty – 1979

Sleeping Beauty by John Crocker

Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th January 1979

St Augustine’s Hall, Trowbridge

Roger Day


Lord Dan of Dini, The Court Chamberlain

King Cole, A King cursed to be sad

Queen Coke, A round Queen

Daffy, her pet Dragon

Sir Round, The Royal Champion

Sir Render, The Royal Champion

The Fairy Dreamawhile, A good but sleepy Fairy

The Fairy Carabosse, A wicked Fairy

P.C. Pickles, A Policeman in disguise

Spinning Jenny, A seller of spinning wheels

Princess Beauty, A beautiful Princess

Prince Ferdinand, A Handsome Prince


Ann Andrews

Christine Burry

Ann Fisher

Sarah Gibbs

Linda Hansford

Virginia Nicholls

Julian Sedgwick

Sally Sherbourne

John Williams

Tom Ludlow

Clive James

Gerry Cooper
Allan Francis

Graham Cross

David Hayes

June Black

Lilian Bainton

Tony Giddings

Sheila Hansford

Sally Chidlow

Angela Giddings

Jane Bland

Sue Dawe

Toni Fisher

Karen Hansford

Sian Hayes

Alison Robertson

Diane Senior

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