Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad the Sailor by John Morley

Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th January 1985

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Sinbad sets sail for the island of Nirvana in search of the Princess Pearl who was stolen on her wedding day by a wicked Sorcerer. He meets his love and has to overcome evil magic, the cruelty of the Old Man of the Sea and the threat of man eating plants before his quest is over.

Ann Fisher
Ann Andrews


Sinbad the Sailor

Mrs Semolina Sinbad (his Mother)

Tinbad the Tailor

Mustapha Kit-Kat (Ship’s Bosun)

Caliph of Constantinople

Princess Pearl (his Bride-To-Be)

Sinistro (the Wicked Sorceror)

Talida (a Native Girl of Nirvana)

Crunchbones (a Witchdoctor)

The Old Man of the Sea

Bludruncolda (the Evil Priestess)

El Hump (a Camel)

The Man-eating Plant

The Wazir of Constantinople

Coca (Ex-member of the Calip’s Harem)

Cola (Ex-member of the Calip’s Harem)

Scrubdeck (the Cabin Boy)

Mazola (the Galley Girl)

Citizens of Constantinople, natives of Nirvana; living statues of the Grotto: birds; slaves at the Shrine of Love; guests at Sinbad’s wedding

Eileen Atkinson

Nicola Andrews

Myra Brewer.

Tina Chandler

Ruby Goldsmith

Kim Law

David Goodall

Paul Simpson

Junior Chorus

Nicola Bates

Rachel Brewer

Kate Buckland.

Rachel Cochrane

Liza Glynn

Katy Rose

Charlotte Strong

Paul Thompson,


Julie Balfour

Kim Phelps

Katherine Sharp

Angela Giddings

Betty Francis

Steve Alsop

June James

Allan Francis

Val Shipton

Clive James

Julie Wiseby

Clive Greaves

Samantha Holland

Pattie Franklyn

Sarah Pictor
Nicola Blayney

Mary Saunders

Walter Vowles

Paula Meaden

Anna Clarke

John Hurn

Nicola Bates

Sally Atkinson

Lilian Bainton

Karen Berkley

Anna Clarke

Anna Rhodes,

Mary Saunders

Paul Rhodes

Nicola Blayney

Tracey Brewer

Fiona Burrell

Carolyn Cooper

Becky Little,

Anna Routledge

Jonathan Hurn

Steven Witcomb

Catherine Balfour

Sarah Gattiker

Josie Harper

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