Sailor Beware

Sailor Beware by Falkland L. Cary and Philip King

Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th April 1973

St Augustine’s Hall, Trowbridge

Albert plans to get married to a girl named Shirley. On the day of the ceremony, Albert gets cold feet when he discovers that Shirley’s gorgon-like mother Emma has bought a house just three doors away from their honeymoon cottage. The question now is: how long will it be before the worm turns and Emma is put in her place by both her prospective son-in-law and her henpecked husband?

Tom Burke


Edie Homett

Emma Homett

Mrs Lack

Henry Hornett

Albert Tufnell, A.B.

Carnoustie Bligh, A.B.

Daphne Pink

Shirley Homett

The Rev. Oliver Purefoy

Lilian Bainton

Ruby Goldsmith

Sheila Hansford

Ken Jones

Mike Collins

Tony Giddings

Rex Holdsworth

Stella Jeffries

Mike Magill

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