Robinson Crusoe – 1992

Robinson Crusoe by John Crocker and Eric Gilder

Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th January 1992

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked – but this is pantomime, so he’s not alone – there’s his fiancee, his mother, his daft brother, a bunch of restless natives, and Davy Jones – the villian of the high seas. Luckily, The Fairy Britannia is around to offer help. He’s going to need it !

Ann Andrews,
Gill Cooper
Mary Saunders


Billy Crusoe

Sukey Perkins

Polly Perkins

Mrs. Letitia Crusoe

The Fairy Britannia

Davy Jones

Robinson Crusoe

Broody, a Parrot

Will Atkins

Rueful Rupert


Witch Doctor

Man Friday



Stuart Greaves

Stacy Matthews

Ruth Nutt

Anna Ruddock

Kathy Wilcox

Stella Greaves

Pam Steel

Claire Wildridge

Laura Giddings

Katy Gray

Andrew Greaves

Kevin Gale

Carolyn Cooper

Alison Payne

Chris Brown

Lyn Taylor

Mark Rhodes

Ally MacDonald

Jeremy Robertson

Allan Francis

Tim Unsworth

Neil Cadmore

Scott Glass

Clive Greaves

Peter Mundy

Betty Greenwood

Bethan Hilliard

Kate Nutt

Emily Park

Kate Russell

Ruby Goldsmith

Becky Steel

Wendy Tomkins

Phil Cooper

Emily Gray

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