Mother Goose – 1986

Mother Goose by John Morley

Wednesday 15th to Saturday 18th January 1986

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Mother Goose wants to be beautiful, but to do this she has to give up her best friend Priscilla the Goose, and her happiness. With the help of her family can she battle the Demon of Discontent and the Queen of Gooseland to conquer her vanity and recover what means most to her?

Ruby Goldsmith


Mother Goose, a poor famer’s widow

Colin, her son

Silly Billy, her other son

Sir Jasper Moneybags, The Wicked Squire

Jill, His Neice

Mangle Wurzle, his batty Bailiff

Hayseed, his batty Bailiff

The Duke of Dartmoor

The Duchess of Dartmoor

Clodhopper, The Blacksmith

Priscilla, The Magic Goose

The Fairy Happiness

The Demon Discontent

Eggyolk, The King of Gooseland


Ann Andrews

Fiona Burrell

Gill Cooper

Pattie Franklyn

Clare Hitchcock

Kim Law

Christine Mason

Diane Stallard

Charlotte Strong

Susan Williams


Julie Balfour

Kim Phelps

Steve Alsop

June James

Clive James

Walter Vowles

Sally Boniface

John Hurn

Steven Witcombe

Allan Francis

Liz Woolmington

Chris Young

Wendy Best

Paula Meaden

Richard Peat

Peter Mundy

Eileen Atkinson

Nicola Bates

Carolyn Cooper

Ann Fisher

Liza Glynn

Claire Howard

Stephen Oaks

Paul Stallard

Mark Rhodes

Gemma Williams

Catherine Balfour

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