Larkrise by Keith Dewhurst

Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th April 1996

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

The hamlet stood on a gentle rise in the flat, wheat-growing north-east corner of Oxfordshire, We will call it Lark Rise because of the great number of skylarks which made the surrounding fells their springboard and nested on the bare earth between the rows of green corn. For a few days or a week or a fortnight, the fields stood ripe unto harvest’. It was the one perfect period in the hamlet year. The 1880’s brought a succession of hot summers, and day after day, as harvest approached the children of the end house would wake to the dewy pearly pink of a fine summer dawn, and the swizzh, swizzh, of the early morning breeze rustling through the ripe corn beyond their doorstep . . .

Sylvia Seaman


Pumpkin / Doctor / Squire

Boamer / Cheapjack

Old David / Sharman

Bishie / Postie

Old Price/ Dick

Doctor / Jerry Parish

Albert Timms

Grandfather / Rector

Mr Morris / Landlord

Stu / Algy

Twister / Tramp

Fisher / John Price


Martha Beamish



Queenie Macey

Mrs Peverill

Mrs Blaby

Mrs Beamish

Garibaldi Jacket

Mrs Andrews

Old Sally

Emma Timms

Mrs Miller

Mrs Spicer


Neil Cadmore

Rebecca Mayo

Elizabeth Wareham

Stuart Greaves

Clive Greaves

Peter English

James Shadwell

Tom Ludlow

Chris Brown

Peter Mundy

Tony Giddings

David Bailey

Phil Cooper

Mark Rhodes

David Seaman

Emma Cosslett

Rosie Jewel

Neil Hussey

Cara Rose

Esme Howard

Belinda Graham

Helen Cosslett

Angela Giddings

Kate Russell

Ruby Goldsmith

Stella Greaves

Nadine Comba

Jo Rhodes

Ann Gray

Rebecca Hussey

Catherine Wareham

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