Jack and the Beanstalk – 1996

Jack and the Beanstalk by Gerry Cooper

Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th January 1996

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Poverty forces Dame Trott to sell Ermintrude the cow, which her son Jack exchanges for a handful of beans. Meanwhile, Princess Miranda has been kidnapped by the giant. A bit of magic from the Fairy Queen, and Jack goes to the rescue, climbing the beanstalk.

Mary Saunders


Fairy Queen, No Panto should be without one

Baron Gloom, A wicked person

Alec, One of a pair of fools

Simon, The other one

Jack Trott, A poor but honest village lad

Dame Trott, His mother – just as poor, but not so honest

Mr Smith, Local Government Official

Miss Jones, Ditto

Ermintrude, More than just a cow

King, The Regal interest

Princess Miranda, The Love Interest

Nanny, a simple soul

Mary, The other Love Interest

Hilarian, Leader of Celarians


Ann Andrews

Sandie Brooks

Elizabeth Cosslett

Angela Giddings

Elizabeth Hilder

Rebecca Mayo

Kate Nutt

James Shadwell

Elizabeth Wareham


Elizabeth Cosslett

Kate Nutt

Elizabeth Wareham


Sue Cleverley

Rebecca Mayo

Cara Rose

Nadine Comba

Jerry Pink

Scott Glass

Phil Cooper

Justine Worth

Chris Brown

Tom Ludlow

Helen Cosslett

Laura Giddings
Kate Russell

Mark Rhodes

Lyn Taylor

Ruby Goldsmith

Carolyn Dilena

Jo Rhodes

David Bailey

Sue Cleverley

Sally Gayton

Anne Gray

Rosie Jewel

Peter Mundy

Cara Rose

Catherine Torrington

Rosie Jewel

Catherine Torrington

Sally Gayton

Kate Nutt

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