Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?

Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary? by E.V. Tidmarsh

Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th November 1970

St Augustine’s Hall, Trowbridge

There is a widespread belief amongst amateur acting groups that the playing of dramatic roles requires ability but that ‘anybody can play comedy or farce’. Whilst the reverse of this statement is not wholly valid, it comes considerable nearer the truth than the idea just stated. “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?” – one of the bedroomiest of all farces – opened in the West End of London in the mid-1940’s and ran most successfully for over three years. Although now rarely performed, “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?” is a very well constructed and witty play. It is, of it’s kind, a classic.

Rex Holdsworth


Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson (Friday Performance Only)

William Hemming


Lucy Watkins

Lawrence Vining

Rosemary Vining

Yvonne Vining

Frank Betterton

James Hicks

Tony Giddings

Geoffrey Bailey

Alan Hartshorn

Jacqueline Noble

Ruby Goldsmith

Rex Holdsworth

Joyce Coleman

Betty Francis

Harold Scriven

Keeling Pulford

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