Frankenstein – The Panto

Frankenstein – The Panto by David Swan

Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th January 2001

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Frankenstein tells the story of Frank N. Stein who works in a tavern in Bavaria. When Dracula kidnaps his best friend Heidi he must help save the day with the help of Prince Ludwig, Buckles, Professor Crackpot and Kodak the dog. The Forces of Evil never stand a chance . . . especially when Professor Crackpot transforms Frankie into a Superhero!

The only real horrors are a party of rowdy schoolgirls under the supervision of Miss Nelly, famed pedagogue and pantomime dame. They’re studying how to create havoc . . . and they’re all fast learners!

Herr and Frau Pumpernickel (Clive Greaves and Freda Fern) photo by Trevor Porter
Miss Nelly (Tim Knott) and her girls (Alaina Coles, Rose White, Amy King, Emma Holmes and Virginia Havergal) photo by Trevor Porter
Miss Nelly (Tim Knott), Frank N. Stein (Phil Cooper) and Professor Crackpot (Mark Rhodes) photo by Trevor Porter
The Finale (From left to Right) – Ethel Ready(Virginia Havergal), Mable Crumb(Alaina Coles), Granula(Stella Greaves), Count Dracula(David Bailey), Miss Nelly (Tim Knott), Prince Ludwig(Amanda McDonald), Heidi(Miriam Havergal) and Frank N. Stein (Phil Cooper) photo by Trevor Porter

Sylvia Seaman


Herr Pumpernickel

Frau Pumpernickel





Prince Ludwig

Professor Crackpot

Miss Nelly

Bridget Bloggs

Mable Crumb

Agnes Swipe

Constance Swot

Ethel Ready

Count Dracula



Becky Curtis

Sarah Culverhouse

Clive James

Kate Torrington


Michael Comba

Laura Holmes

Clive Greaves

Freda Fern

Phil Cooper

Miriam Havergal

Sam Vaughn

Gary Nichols

Amanda McDonald

Mark Rhodes

Tim Knott

Emma Holmes

Alaina Coles

Rose White

Amy King

Virginia Havergal

David Bailey

Stella Greaves


Denise Knott

Nick Havergal

Kevin Smith


Emma Cosslett

Maeve Taylor

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