Dandy Dick

Dandy Dick by A.W. Pinero

Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th April 1979

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

A Period Romp, ‘Dandy Dick’ begins in an atmosphere of sober respectability and Victorian quiet. We find the Dean at home with his two motherless daughters, but soon the peace of the Deanery is sadly disturbed, and we see the Dean sink deeper every moment into a morass of innocent immorality from which, only just in time, he is able to extricate his gaitered legs.

Betty Francis


Salome – Dean’s Daughter

Sheba – Dean’s Daughter

Blore, Butler at the Deanery

Mr. Darbey – Hussar quartered at Durnstone, near St. Marvells

Mjr Tarver – Hussar quartered at Durnstone, near St. Marvells

The Very Rev. Augustin Jedd, D.D., Dean of St. Marvells

Georgina Tidman, A Widow, the Dean’s sister

Sir Tristram Mardon, Bart

Hatcham, Sir Tristram’s groom

Hannah Topping, formerly in service at The Deanery

Noah Topping, Constable at St. Marvells

Alison Robertson

Toni Fisher

Clive James

Allan Francis

Graham Cross

Rod Cochrane

Ruby Goldsmith

Steve Alsop

Gerry Cooper

Virginia Nicholls

David Hayes

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