Daisy Pulls It Off

Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan

Wednesday 30th September to Saturday 3rd October 2009

Arc Theatre, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott


Daisy Meredith, who is from a poor family of Opera singers. Her father has gone missing, and she is brought up by her mother who has to revert to teaching singing lessons to pay the rent. She wins a scholarship to Grangewood School for Young Ladies, and then has to deal with the snobbery and cattiness from the girls who go there. Sybil and Maude take a particular dislike to the heroine of the play, and devise a series of plans to discredit Daisy and get her expelled from school, that would make Machiavelli wince. However, Daisy makes friends with the head girl, Clare, and finds out that her family, who were very rich, have lost the family treasure. It is hidden somewhere in the school and so she and her best friend, zany Trixie Martin, search for the missing treasure.

Tony Giddings


Miss Gibson

Daisy Meredith

Sybil Burlington

Daisy’s Mother

Belinda Mathieson

Clare Beaumont

Trixie Martin

Monica Smithers

Alice Fitzpatrick

Miss Granville

Mr Thompson

Mr Scoblowski

Dora Johnston

Winnie Irving

Mademoiselle – Wed

Mademoiselle – Thu to Sat



Angela Watson

Imogen Dunne

Alice Parker

Angela Giddings

Kayleigh Lunn

Becca Harvey

Georgia Dunne

Francesca Scott

Bryony Noble

Angela Giddings

Mark Rhodes

Chris Pollock

Natasha Harvey

Natasha Harvey

Angela Giddings

Nadine Comba

Sandie Brookes

Etain Dobson

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