Codford One Act Festival – 2019

Friday 15th March 2019

The Woolstore Theatre, Codford

“Sequence Of Events” by George Macewan Green

On a stage divided into three sections, a hangman reflects on his latest job whilst waiting for his train home, the hanging of a young man who murdered a prostitute. Going back in time we see the run up to murder and the crime itself. We see the devastating effect it has on the murderer’s parents and the smothering love of the young man’s mother which seems to have led to the crime being committed in the first place.

Tony Giddings



Herbert Vole (Claude’s father)

Margaret Vole (Claude’s mother)

Claude Vole

Lily-Anne Turbertt (a prostitute)

Andrew Morrison

Alan Rutland

Ange Davis

Cameron Runyeard-Hunt

Anna McGrail

The Cast – Left to Right – Claude Vole (in hood) (Cameron Runyeard-Hunt), The Hangman (Andrew Morrison), Lily-Ann Turbett (Anna McGrail), Margaret Vole (Ange Davis) and Herbert Vole (Alan Rutland)

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