Christmas Carol – 1999

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Adapted by Tony Giddings

Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th December 1999

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Poster design by Lee Ingram

Charles Dickens classic Christmas Tale. Ebenezer Scrooge is a penny-pinching miser of the first degree. He cares nothing for the people around him and mankind exists only for the money that can be made through exploitation and intimidation. He particularly detests Christmas which he views as ‘a time for finding yourself a year older, and not an hour richer’. Scrooge is visited, on Christmas Eve, by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley who died seven Christmas Eves ago. Marley, a miser from the same mould as Scrooge, is suffering the consequences in the afterlife and hopes to help Scrooge avoid his fate. He tells Scrooge that he will be haunted by three spirits. These three spirits, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, will show him the error of his ways.

Tony Giddings





Woman Shopper

Charity Collector


1st Girl

2nd Girl

Main Cast

Ebeneezer Scrooge

Bob Crachit


1st Charitable Lady

2nd Charitable Lady

The Ghost of Jacob Marley

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Scrooge as a Boy

Scrooge’s Sister


Mr. Fezziwig

Mrs. Fezziwig

Scrooge as a Young Man

Belle as a Young Woman

Belle as a Mature Woman

Belle’s Husband

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Pie Seller

Man in Street

Tiny Tim




Mrs. Crachit

Peter Cratchitt

Belinda Cratchitt

Martha Cratchitt

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come




Undertaker’s Man

1st Woman

2nd Woman

Old Joe

Debtor’s Wife


Urchin Boy


Citizen / Seller

Citizen / Seller


Michael Comba

Charlotte Havergal

Aimee Neaverson

Kate Torrington

Lee Ingram

Ruby Goldsmith

Helen Cosslett

Claire Smith

Angela Giddings

Rose White

Maeve Taylor

Mark Rhodes

Clive Greaves

Phil Cooper

Virginia Havergal

Mary Saunders

David Bailey

Nadine Comba

Sam Vaughn

Rose White

Jerry Pink

Clive James

Lyn Taylor

Phil Cooper

Emma Holmes

Angela Giddings

David Bailey

Graham Cross

Lee Ingram

Jerry Pink

Nick Havergal

Rebecca Mayo

James Shadwell

Emma Holmes

Stella Greaves

Jack Taylor

Miriam Havergal

Elizabeth Cosslett

James Shadwell

Tom Ludlow

Jerry Pink

Lee Ingram

Andrew Greaves

Jo Seaman

Ann Andrews

Clive James

Helen Cosslett

Graham Cross

William Holland

Harry Frazer

Lorna Brooks

Sandie Brooks

Elizabeth Cosslett

Daniel Hallissey

Neil Hussey

Carlene Robinson

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