Babes in the Wood – 1989

Babes in the Wood by Leonard H. Caddy

Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th January 1989

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

The two ‘babes’ are at the mercy of the Sherriff of Nottingham and his wife, who want rid of them so that they can get their hands on the children’s riches. On the side of good are the babes’ Nurse Moppet, Simple Simon, Maid Marion and a certain Robin Hood.

Ann Andrews
Ann Fisher


Robin Hood, Principal Boy

Maid Marian, Principal Girl

Lady Mildred Rampant, Wicked Stepmother

Sir Marmaduke Rampant, Sheriff of Nottingham

Nurse Moppet, Dame

Simple Simon, Loveable Comedian

Shilly, Robber

Shally, Robber

Bobby, Babe

Betty, Babe

Fairy Sparkle, Modern Fairy

Fairy Queen, Warm and Understanding

Demon King, Evil Spirit

Cloppy, Pantomime Horse

Castle Guards

Ruby Goldsmith

Betty Francis

Peter Mundy



Pattie Franklyn

June James

Stella Greaves

Mark Rhodes

Steve Alsop

Clive James

John Hurn

Kevin Gale

Michael Rouse
John Quartley

Charlotte Hussey
Joanna Palmer

Debbie Barker

Angela Giddings

John Shaw

Sarah Ewing
Paul Rhodes

Eileen Atkinson

Mary Saunders

Katrina Rose

John Hurn

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