‘Allo ‘Allo

‘Allo ‘Allo by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd

Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th May 2011

Arc Theatre, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott

Based on the hugely successful British television series that ran for seven series, this uproarious comedy relates the adventures of a hapless cafe owner, Rene, in occupied France. You can see all of your favourite TV characters in the flesh, including Rene’s tone-deaf wife Edith, Major-General von Klinkerhoffen and the Gestapo officer Herr Flick!

He and his wife have stashed a priceless portrait stolen by the Nazis in a sausage in their cellar, where two British airmen are also hiding until the Resistance can repatriate them. Communications with London using the wireless that is disguised as a cockatoo add to the many embarrassments this intrepid proprietor endures in the company of his patrons. News that the Fuhrer is scheduled to visit the town inspires tricksters disguised as Hitler to frequent the cafe. Meanwhile Rene summons all the wit he can muster to save his cafe and his life.

René (Alan Rutland) caught in the act with Yvette (Angela Watson) by wife Edith (Stella Greaves) photo by Trevor Porter

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Sylvia Seaman


The French









The Germans/Italian

Colonel Kurt Von Strohm

Capt. Bertorelli

Herr Otto Flick

Helga Geerhardt

Liuet. Gruber

General Von Schmelling

The British


1st Airman

2nd Airman

Alan Rutland

Stella Greaves

Angela Watson

Clive Greaves

Sarah Hanks

Siân Tucker

Dave Powell

Zeldé Hall

Francis Holmes

Tim Knott

Phil Cooper

Angela Giddings

Gary Nichols

Stephen Kebbell

Chris Pollock

Dave Powell

Ryan Davis

Capt. Bertorelli(Tim Knott) and Colonel Von Strohm(Francis Holmes) – photo by Paul Wakely
Capt. Bertorelli(Tim Knott) and Colonel Von Strohm(Francis Holmes) and Helga(Angela Giddings) – photo by Paul Wakely
Herr Otto Flick(Phil Cooper) and René(Alan Rutland) – photo by Paul Wakely
Liuet. Gruber(Gary Nichols) and General Von Schmelling(Stephen Kebbell) – photo by Paul Wakely
‘Listen carefully, I will only say this once’, Michelle(Sarah Hanks) and René(Alan Rutland) – photo by Paul Wakely
Herr Otto Flick(Phil Cooper), Helga(Angela Giddings) & Yvette(Angela Watson) – photo by Paul Wakely
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