Alice in Wonderland – The Panto

Poster by Tim Knott

Alice in Wonderland – The Panto by Limelight Scripts

Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th January

Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd January 2011

Alice is tired from collecting strawberries and falls ‘asleep’ underneath a tree. When she wakes, she spots the White Rabbit and follows him down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. There, the Knave of Spades has designs on marrying Princess Ruby of Hearts and ruling Wonderland, but first he must get his hands on a golden heart made from gold from the Wizard of Muddleup Wood’s magic goldmine. He intends to use the heart together with the White Rabbit’s gold watch, to make an evil spell to achieve his aim. He hypnotises Dum & Dee and gets them to capture the White Rabbit and bring him to his castle. In order to save Wonderland, Alice and her friends must obtain another golden heart from the Wizard and place it in the Grand Shield of Wonderland before the Knave places his black heart there. On the way through Muddleup Wood, Alice and her mother encounter spaced-out hippies trying to find their way to Glastonbury and join the Mad Hatter and March Hare, for an outrageously funny tea-party. And everyone is constantly frustrated by the Joker’s hopeless sat-nav.

Francis Holmes as The Mad Hatter, Cameron Runyeard-Hunt as The White Rabbit and Charliee Bourne as Alice
Mark Rhodes and Sylvia Seaman as the King and Queen of Hearts and Gary Nichols as Wally the joker
L to R : (Back) Francis Holmes as The Mad Hatter, Chris Pollock as The Knave of Spades, Gary Nichols as Wally the joker, Ollie Phipps as Dame Millicent Milksop
(Middle) Mark Rhodes as The King of Hearts, Sylvia Seaman as the Queen of Hearts
(Front) Cameron Runyeard-Hunt as The White Rabbit, Charliee Bourne as Alice

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