Aladdin – 2007

Aladdin by Angela Giddings

Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th January 2007

Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott

Aladdin and Wishee Washee are washed-up, working in the laundry run by Aladdin’s mother Widow Twankey. Aladdin spends all his time mooning over the beautiful Princess Lotus Blossom, daughter of the Emperor, while Wishee Washee tries not to let work interrupt his free time! When the wicked Abanazar tricks Aladdin into entering the magic cave to retrieve the genie’s lamp his troubles have just begun. Soon he is on the run from the Emperor’s police force suspected of kidnap when the Princess is abducted by Abanazar. Will he be able to rescue her and clear his name before the Princess is forced to marry the wicked magician ?

Becky Curtis as Aladdin and Naomi Havergal as Princess Lotus Blossom  

Angela Giddings


Widow Twankey


Wishee Washee


Dim One

Dim Two

Princess Lotus Blossom



Wey Wey

Prince Launcelot

Genie of the Lamp

Genie of the Ring

Spirit of the Cave

Spirit of the Cave






Katie Hoole

Anna-Louise Vowles

Alice Weston

Peter Grant

Becky Curtis

Ryan Davis

Tim Knott

Lyn Taylor

Sandie Brooks

Naomi Havergal

Francis Holmes

Mark Rhodes

Imogen Dunne

Emma Holmes

Maxson Bailey

Mary Saunders

Georgia Dunne

Alice Weston

Alex Knight

Ben Hoole

David Halik

Deborah Halik

Lorna Dagger

Stella Greaves

Deborah Halik

The Townsfolk – photo by Paul Wakely
Aladdin (Becky Curtis) and Wishee Washee(Ryan Davis) – photo by Paul Wakely
The Emperor (Francis Holmes), Princess Lotus Blossom (Naomi Havergal) and Wey Wey (Imogen Dunne) – photo by Paul Wakely
Widow Twankey (Peter Grant) being charmed by Abanazar (Tim Knott)- photo by Paul Wakely
Dim One (Lyn Taylor) and Dim Two (Sandie Brooks) – photo by Paul Wakely

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