A Servant to Two Masters

A Servant to Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, adapted by Lee Hall

Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th July 2005

The Arc Theatre, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott

Young Venetian Clarice can’t marry her lover, Silvio. She had been betrothed to Rasponi, who appears to have returned from the dead to claim her. But the Rasponi who appears is actually Beatrice, Rasponi’s sister who is in disguise as her brother and has come to Venice to find her suitor, Florinda. Complications arise when a servant, called Truffaldino greedily seeks employment with both the disguised Beatrice and Florinda and spends the rest of the play trying to serve two masters while keeping the two unaware of the other’s presence.

The play is based on the Italian Renaissance theatre style, Commedia dell’arte, and reinvigorated the genre, which is so heavily based on carnival, while bringing to it an element of realism, mishaps, mix-ups, confusions, disguises and mistaken identity that come with the style.

In this new, rapid fire adaptation by award winning dramatist Lee Hall, the language has been updated to now in order to give the action the fast-paced feeling of a Christmas pantomime.

Sylvia Seaman



Pantaloon, Father of Clarice

Beatrice / Federigo Rasponi


Dr Lombardi, Father of Silvio



Smeraldina, a lady’s Maid

Brighella – an Innkeeper




2nd Porter

Tony Giddings

Tim Knott

Becky Curtis

Phil Cooper

Francis Holmes

Nick Havergal

Adriana Beizsley

Lyn Taylor

Clive Greaves

Emma Holmes

Nick Havergal

Tim Knott

Maxson Bailey

Federigo Rasponi(Becky Curtis) gives Truffaldino(Tony Giddings) some orders

Left to Right : Smeraldina(Lyn Taylor), Clarice(Adriana Beizsley), Silvio(Nick Havergal), Dr Lombardi(Francis Holmes), Pantaloon(Tim Knott), Truffaldino(Tony Giddings), Beatrice(Becky Curtis) and Florindo(Phil Cooper)

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