A Scottish Wedding – 1992

A Scottish Wedding by Alasdair Skinner

? 1992

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

Betty Francis
Gill Cooper


Robert Burn, Groom

Ava Armstrong-Smith, Bride

Tony Armstrong-Smith, Father of the Bride

Bettina Armstrong-Smith, Mother of the Bride

Wallace Burn, Father of the Groom

Edith Burn, Mother of the Groom

Walter Burn, Best Man and Brother of the Groom

Wanda, Bridesmaid

Bannock Burn, Brother of Groom’s Father

Janet Burn, Wife of ‘Bannock’

Alf Smith, Brother of the Bride’s Father

Father Reginald (Reggie) McStar, A Priest

Reverend McCoy, A Church of Scotland Minister

Jones, A Mysterious Guest

Scott Glass

Sarah Ewing

Allan Francis

Ann Fisher

Peter Mundy

Eileen Totham

Tim Unsworth

Carolyn Cooper

Clive Greaves

June James

Tony Giddings

Chris Brown

Tom Ludlow

Clive James

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