Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood

Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood by Angela Giddings

Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th January 2019

Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th January 2019

Arc Theatre, Trowbridge

Poster by Tim Knott

With their Father away at the Crusades with King Richard, the Babes, Rosie and Pete, are left in the ‘care’ of their Uncle, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. As he plots to rid himself of the helpless children, inherit his brother’s fortune and marry his ward Maid Marion, he appoints a new nurse, Nanny Dora, who he will blame for the disappearance of the Babes. But he has not taken into account the brave Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Cheer the goodies and boo the baddies in our traditional family pantomime.

ChloĆ© Johnson as Maid Marian and Dandy Brigham as Robin Hood – Picture by Trevor Porter
Anna McGrail as Will Scarlet, Dandy Brigham as Robin Hood, Mike Holden as Little John and Peter Tapp as Friar Tuck – picture by Trevor Porter

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Written and Directed
Angela Giddings




Sheriff of Nottingham



Nanny Dora

Maid Marion



Robin Hood

Will Scarlet

Little John

Friar Tuck

King Richard

Woodland Fairy


Olivia Clarke

Chloe Law

Abbie Turner

Junior Ensemble

Blue Team

Rhys Poole

Hermione Sonnet

Red Team

Ethan Clark

Carys McLoughlin

Millie Swift


Keyboards 1 & 2

Keyboards / Trumpet

Drums / Percussion

Ryan Davis

Lauren Ware

Harley Radbourne

David Easton

Elizabeth Donohoe

Katherine Sherborne

Peter Grant

Chloe Johnson

Millie Ware

Lennie Smyth

Harry Parker

Jack Boyland

Dandy Brigham

Anna McGrail

Mike Holden

Peter Tapp

Tim Knott

Olivia Clarke

Alice Gosney

Hannah Ranger

Phoebe Sonnet

Georgia Wells

Nathan Gardiner

Chloe Paul

Jamie Wright

Hannah Drury

Tony Stockley

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