Snow White – 2008

Poster by Tim Knott

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by John Morley

Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th January

Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th January 2008

The wicked Queen Evilena is the fairest in the land (so her magic mirror tells her) and wants to marry Prince Launcelot. All that stands in her way is her beautiful step-daughter, Snow White. When Launcelot falls in love with Snow White and not her, Evilena uses her magic to enchant her huntsman, Herman, to take Snow White into the forest and then kill her. When the spell is broken Snow White escapes and finds her way to a small cottage in the woods where the seven Dwarfs live. Hot on her trail is a disguised Evilena with a poison apple followed by Launcelot, Dora her nurse, Muddles the footman and Marmaduke, the Court Chamberlain.

Snow White and more than 7 Dwarfs !