Rumours (British Version)

Poster by Tim Knott

Rumours by Neil Simon

Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th May 2013

Ken and Chris have found their host Charley, a prominent Government official, in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his ear lobe! Len and Claire arrive, themselves injured in a car crash, and are soon joined by Ernest and Cookie, Glenn and Cassie, each with their own problems. A second, accidental, gunshot leaves Ken temporarily deaf, the police arrive and Len has to pretend he is Charley, concocting a touching and fantastic explanation …

Cassie (Jo Ziegert) and Glenn (Tim Knott) have an argument
Glenn (Tim Knott) accuses Len (Chris Pollock)
Len (Chris Pollock) explains it all. Looking on is (Left to right) P. C. Conklin (Barry Culverhouse), Ken (Maxson Bailey), Glenn (Tim Knott), Chris (Angela Giddings) Claire (Becky Holden) and Cookie (Stella Greaves)