Fawlty Towers

Poster by Tim Knott

Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th October 2013

Fawlty Towers – Communication Problems – by John Cleese and Connie Booth

The arrival of Mrs. Richards, a rather deaf, dotty and bad-tempered woman, interferes with Basil’s attempts to prevent the money he won on a racehorse from being discovered by Sybil

Basil (Chris Pollock) signs out a guest (Tim Knott)

Gosforth’s Fete by Alan Aykbourn

Publican Gosforth is running the village gala. Due to a big mistake bad personal news from Milly Carter is publicised over the public-address system. Milly’s fiancé Stewart Stokes becomes extremely aggravated and drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Councillor Mrs Pearce, after the most disorganised greeting is electrocuted by the PA system. Gosforth’s Fete starts like all village fetes do. However it develops into chaos and as things continue to go wrong the play climaxes to a complete disaster

Milly Carter (Chloé Johnson), Gosforth (Alan Rutland) and Stewart Stokes (Tim Knott)
The Vicar (Alex Turner) and Milly (Chloé Johnson) try to stem the flow of water while a drunk Stewart (Tim Knott) is supported by Gosforth (Alan Rutland) as Mrs Pearce (Jenny Riddle) makes her speech.

A Talk in the Park by Alan Aykbourn

In a park, the same in which Gosforth’s Fete took place, sit five strangers on separate park benches, each with their own troubles. Arthur, a rather suspect fellow with an interest in cigarette card collecting and women-watching, sits next to Beryl and starts to relate his story of his likes and dislikes. Beryl is understandably quite disturbed by this, and proceeds in leaving her current bench and going to sit with Charles. Beryl is a young woman with a husband who beats her, and so she tells Charles this story and reads out a letter from the “bastard”. Charles becomes quite sick of hearing this, so excuses himself and goes to sit next to man-hating dog-loving Doreen. Charles is an old business man on the verge of bankruptcy and so has no time for the youth of today. He reminisces on a happier time with his wife and children and asks Doreen to help him decipher his business report. Doreen is at this point very scared of the man who she thinks is perving on her, and so she sits next to Ernest. Ernest at this point is happily relaxing on his bench and so is very annoyed with being disturbed by a paranoid woman who starts to harp on about her dog. Doreen relates the story of taking her dog to the vets to get the snip, which is not a topic Ernest is interested in so he sneaks off leaving Doreen talking to herself. Ernest then collapses on the bench where Arthur is and proceeds in taking it over whilst moaning about his wife. The scene ends with each character trying to get the attention of the person they were trying to talk to, but failing. The end result is five miserable people who are all feeling ignored, despite the fact that it is their own fault for ignoring everyone else.