Sleeping Beauty – 1997

Sleeping Beauty by John Crocker

January 1997

The Civic Hall, Trowbridge

King Frederick forgot to invite Mouldina, the wicked fairy, to his daughter’s Christening. His reward is an evil spell cast on his daughter, which can only be broken by a handsome prince (and he has to rely on help from the village idiot).

Angela Giddings


Princess Beauty

King Frederick

Queen Olivia



Lord Chancellor

Fairy Saphire

Fairy Mouldina

Prince Ferdinand



Ann Andrews

Catherine Torrington

Elizabeth Wareham

Helen Cosslett

Georgia Coggan

Neil Hussey

Rebecca Mayo

Susan Doyle

Kate Russell

Sarah Shadwell

Maeve Taylor

Laura Giddings

David Bailey

Sandie Brooks

Kevin Gale

Mark Rhodes

Clive Greaves

Lyn Taylor

Sylvia Seaman

Jo Rhodes

Sarah Shadwell

Phil Cooper

Catherine Wareham

Elizabeth Cosslett

Ann Gray

Elizabeth Hilder

Rosie Jewel

Kathleen McCall

Marilyn Russell

James Shadwell

Lizzie Stewart

Jack Taylor