Plays and Puddings 2016

Poster by Tim Knott

Plays and Puddings

Friday 5th to Saturday 6th August 2016

An evening consisting of two short plays – ‘Bazaar and Rummage’ by Sue Townsend and ‘Riddle in the Sand’ by Alistair Faulkner.

Bazaar and Rummage – Gwenda, an ex-agoraphobic, leads a self-help group of three who have been unable to leave their homes for a variety of reasons. She forces them to help at a local bazaar, enlisting the ‘support’ of Fliss, a trainee social-worker. While sorting through the rummage their individual fears erupt but calm is restored by the ever-sensible Fliss.

Riddle In The Sand (a comedy of the incredible) – A body of a man has been found buried in the sand of a holiday beach. The curious thing is – he’s in a pin-stripe suit and a bowler hat, clutching an umbrella in one hand and brief case in the other. If this seems incredible – Inspector Buckett and Sergeant Spade have, by chance, been assigned to the case.

Picture by Trevor Porter
Sergeant Spade, played by Tim Knott, with Barry Culverhouse as Inspector Buckett in ‘Riddle in the Sand’