Aladdin – 2020

Poster by Tim Knott

Aladdin by Angela Giddings

Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th January 2020

Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th January 2020

The wicked Abanazer is seeking the magic lamp that contains the all-powerful Genie, so that he can rule the world, and is just steps away from succeeding!
Is all hope lost? No! Help is at hand! A family posse of wannabe heroes are here to foil Abanazer’s evil scheme! The innocent local lad, Aladdin, the cheeky Wishee Washee and Aladdin’s fearsome mother, washerwoman Widow Twankey are ready to intervene and save the day!
Throw in a magic carpet, a mystical Genie of the Ring, the Emperor of China, a beautiful princess and a couple of inept policemen and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic tale and great entertainment.

Left to Right: Rear – Jo Ziegert as Genie of the Ring, Alan Rutland as Genie of the Lamp, Tim Knott as Dim 2, David Easton as Abanazer, Mike Holden as Dim 1. Middle: Peter Tapp as The Emperor, Peter Grant as Widow Twankey, Alice Gosney as The Chamberlain, Maxson Bailey as Wishee Washee. Front: Chloé Johnson as Aladdin and Olivia Clarke as Princess Jasmine