Read through of ‘Night Must Fall’ by Emlyn Williams

We’re reading the thriller “Night Must Fall” by Emlyn Williams, which we might perform this year. Do come along and find out what it is like.

Monday Jan 20th, 7:30-9:45 – Tesco Community Room

Details of the play

Dan, a bell hop who arrives at the Bramson bungalow, has already murdered one woman and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another: the aged Mrs. Bramson herself. He skillfully ingratiates himself into her affections while attempting to seduce her suspicious niece Olivia to stop her from exposing his diabolical intentions. And though she professes loathing, Olivia is attracted and fascinated by Dan.



Mrs Bramson 55-70

Olivia Grayne 26-35, Mrs Bramson’s neice

Mrs Terence 40-60, cook

Dora Parkoe 18-25, maid

Nurse Libby 30-50, Mrs Bramson’s nurse

Hubert Laurie 28-37, friend of Olivia’s

Dan 25-35, bell boy

Inspector Belsize 45-55, policeman

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